What is a Crypto Mixer (Tumbler)? Definition, Services, and How to Mix Coins Anonymously

Looking to mix your coins anonymously and securely? Look no further than the best crypto mixers on the market. This guide will teach you what a crypto mixer is

What is a Crypto Mixer (Tumbler)? Definition, Services, and How to Mix Coins Anonymously

What is a Crypto Mixer (Tumbler)?

A crypto mixer is a service that enables users to obscure the origins of their funds in order to improve anonymity and privacy. It works by mixing different streams of cryptocurrency, thereby making it more difficult for authorities to trace the source of the funds. Crypto mixers typically charge a fee in exchange for their services. By using a Crypto Mixer, users can make transactions that look more like traditional payments, thus making it harder for governments or financial institutions to track and tax them.

What services do Crypto Tumblers offer?

1. Anonymous transactions

Crypto Tumblers, also known as Coin Mixers, are services that allow users to increase the privacy of their cryptocurrency transactions. The service works by mixing a user's cryptocurrency with other users' funds in order to obscure the original transaction trail. This makes it difficult to trace the original sender and recipient of a transaction and keeps them anonymous while still allowing for successful transactions on the blockchain. Using a Crypto Tumbler allows people to maintain their financial privacy when purchasing goods or services online with cryptocurrency.

2. Mixing of coins for privacy

The purpose of a Crypto Tumbler is to provide a way for users to anonymously exchange their cryptocurrency by obscuring the source and destination of the funds involved in the transaction. This can be useful for those looking to conceal their transactions from potential adversaries, such as ransomware attackers who often use Monero in order to avoid being traced. Crypto Tumblers are seen as an alternative to mixing services and offer privacy wallets which allow users to separate their identity from that of their cryptocurrency holdings.

3. Protection from tracking

Cryptocurrency users may find protection from tracking important as it allows them to remain anonymous when conducting transactions. Traditional methods of tracing transactions can be used, but cryptocurrencies have the potential to provide increased privacy and security when transacting. A Crypto Mixer (Tumbler) is a service that helps to protect users from tracking by mixing coins so that the original source cannot be traced. This process makes it difficult for others to track the activity and identity of cryptocurrency holders, providing anonymity while using cryptocurrencies.

4. Ability to break the link between the sender and receiver of funds

Crypto Tumblers offer the ability to break the link between the sender and receiver of funds as an important service, as this allows for increased privacy and anonymity when conducting cryptocurrency transactions. By mixing cash flows from different sources, Crypto Tumblers protect users by making it difficult for malicious actors or potential fraudsters to trace back a transaction to its original source. Furthermore, this helps prevent coins from being directly associated with their owner’s identity and keeps users safe from becoming victims of theft or scams.

5. Protection from blockchain analysis

Protection from blockchain analysis is important for Crypto Tumblers to protect their customers' information and data. By using techniques such as EigenLayer and EigenDA, Crypto Tumblers can obfuscate customer transactions, making them much more difficult to trace. This ensures the privacy of customers who use these services, as well as providing greater resistance to censorship attempts by governments or other entities that may attempt to curtail the use of certain financial privacy measures.

6. Instant transactions

The ability to make instant transactions is important for Crypto Tumblers because it allows them to increase user privacy and anonymity by obscuring the identities of the participants in a transaction. Additionally, using Lightning Network can help facilitate more transactions while also protecting user privacy by making it difficult to trace back who was responsible for a given transaction.

7. Low fees

Low fees are important for Crypto Tumblers because they make it easier to turn a profit and allow users to get started in the industry more easily. The low fees offered by Crypto Tumblers make them an attractive option for those looking for a quick and easy way to mix coins anonymously. Low fees also make it easier to cover operational costs, ensuring that services are able to remain sustainable.

8. High level of security

Crypto Tumblers are a secure way to clean cryptocurrency by removing links between addresses and transactions, thus making it more difficult for governments or other third-parties to trace financial contributions. The use of Crypto Tumblers can increase the privacy of cryptocurrency transactions by masking the source and destination of funds, making them less susceptible to state sanctions or censorship. In addition, the recent upgrade to Monero's protocol has raised privacy concerns as it is designed to close any potential vulnerability in its system by increasing the number of transactions in a ring signature.

9. Support for multiple digital currencies

It is important for Crypto Tumblers to support multiple digital currencies in order to remain profitable and make use of the latest technologies. CipherTracer's update has caused a number of problems for these services, as it can potentially trace transactions and identify wallets associated with certain activities. Supporting multiple coins helps provide users with greater privacy, as it increases the number of transactions in a ring signature which makes them harder to decode. This also allows users to mix their funds between different coins and make payments without leaving an identifiable trail on any single currency.

10. Ability to customize mixing parameters

A Crypto Tumbler can allow users to customize a variety of parameters when mixing coins. These parameters include the amount of coins to be mixed, the fees associated with the mixer, and the time frame for completing transactions. Additionally, many mixers also offer options such as variable delay times and multiple output addresses for further anonymity.

11. Support for multiple payment methods

Support for multiple payment methods is important for a Crypto Tumbler because it allows users to anonymously buy and sell goods online. Furthermore, having multiple payment options ensures that the mixing process is easier to use and more accessible to novice crypto users. Moreover, having multiple payment methods can reduce the risk of financial fraud since the Crypto Tumbler service cannot be linked back to any specific user due to its no-logs policy.

How to mix coins using a Crypto Tumbler anonymously?

Step 1: Research the tumbler's features

A crypto mixer (also known as a tumbler) is a service that helps to protect users’ identity and privacy by disrupting the link between their real-world identity and their crypto wallet address. By mixing large amounts of money, users can ensure that their transactions remain anonymous. Crypto mixers typically take a percentage transaction fee of the total coins mixed, usually 1–3%, in order to turn a profit while also protecting user privacy. While some may use these services for illicit activities such as money laundering or funding terrorism, there is limited evidence to support this claim so far. Additionally, exchanges may blacklist “tainted” deposits from stolen bitcoins; however, this isn't always successful.

  • By disrupting the link between your real-world identity and your crypto wallet address, tumblers add privacy to your transactions. Additionally, mixing large amounts of money can be used for money laundering purposes by disguising illegally obtained funds.
  • Tumblers take a percentage transaction fee of the total coins mixed, typically 1–3%. This helps them to turn a profit while protecting your privacy at the same time.
  • Mixing large amounts of money may be illegal in some cases, but that hasn't stopped people from using them anyway. Financial crimes author Jeffrey Robinson has suggested criminalizing tumblers due to their potential use in illegal activities such as funding terrorism; however, there is limited evidence to support this claim so far.
  • There have been several incidents where exchanges have blacklisted "tainted" deposits descending from stolen bitcoins; however, this isn't always successful .

Step 2: Consider the fees associated with the tumbler

Fees are important to consider when using a crypto tumbler because they help cover the costs associated with running the service and can also help reduce the risk of being blacklisted by an exchange. Additionally, fees can be used to take advantage of market volatility, helping users avoid tax liabilities, identity theft, and other financial crimes.

Step 3: Choose the right tumbler

When choosing a crypto tumbler, it is important to consider factors such as fees, time delays for transactions, customer support availability and reviews, security measures taken to protect user funds, and the ability to mix coins from multiple wallets. Additionally, users should research the reputation of the service provider and any guarantees offered in case something goes wrong. Finally, it is important to ensure that all data sent through the mixer is encrypted with high-level protection so that it remains anonymous.

Step 4: Create a new wallet address

Using a Crypto Tumbler to mix coins anonymously is important as it helps to protect the user's privacy. Regular Bitcoin transactions are traceable, meaning anyone can open a Bitcoin explorer and enter either of the wallet addresses to find out where the coins came from (or who received them), and the amount of BTC transacted. By using a Crypto Tumbler, users can effectively combine their bitcoins with other people's bitcoins, making them more difficult to trace while still enjoying complete privacy when using Bitcoin.

Step 5: Transfer your crypto to the new wallet address

It is important to use a Crypto Tumbler when mixing coins in order to protect the user's privacy and ensure anonymity. By pooling and shuffling funds from various users, it makes it harder for anyone to trace the origin or destination of the coins. Additionally, by varying fees and withdrawal address types, it further complicates attempts at tracking transactions.

Step 6: Send your crypto to the tumbler

The user will need to send their crypto to the tumbler. This is usually done through the exchange or wallet they are using, via a deposit address provided by the tumbler. Depending on the service, users may have to wait for their coins to be confirmed before they can be mixed.

Step 7: Monitor the tumbler’s process

The importance of monitoring the tumbler's process is paramount in order to ensure that it is producing the desired product, as well as identifying any issues early on before they can become bigger problems. By doing so, it makes it harder for law enforcement to track down the owners of stolen bitcoins, and also makes darknet markets easier and more secure. Additionally, monitoring the process can help prevent illicit activities such as funding terrorism from taking place.

Step 8: Withdraw your crypto from the tumbler

It is important to withdraw crypto from the tumbler anonymously in order to further protect one's identity and maintain privacy. The process of mixing coins via a tumbler disrupts the link between a real-world identity and a crypto wallet address, providing an extra layer of anonymity. As such, withdrawing crypto from the tumbler anonymously helps to ensure that the user's personal information remains private and secure.

Step 9: Monitor the transaction

Monitoring the transactions when mixing coins using a Crypto Tumbler is important in order to prevent money laundering. By delaying transactions and obscuring them on the blockchain, tumblers increase the difficulty of analysis, making it harder to trace the origins of funds or determine who sent them. Without proper monitoring, individuals may be able to abuse these services for criminal activities such as money laundering.

Step 10: Protect your identity and secure your wallet

It is important to protect your identity and secure your wallet when mixing coins using a Crypto Tumbler in order to ensure complete anonymity and privacy. By not storing any personal data that can link you to a particular Bitcoin address, such as emails or login information, users can avoid being identified by third parties. Furthermore, this added layer of security helps keep transactions anonymous and prevents bad actors from tracing the source of funds.

What are the risks associated with using a Crypto Tumbler?

1. Risk of theft or loss of funds

It is important to be aware of the risks associated with using a Crypto Tumbler. These risks include the potential for data theft, identity theft, and financial loss. Additionally, there is also a risk that deposits made with stolen Bitcoins may be blacklisted as “tainted”. Furthermore, Centralized Bitcoin Tumblers have a single point of failure and can be hacked; they also take a percentage transaction fee which can make them unprofitable. Finally, because tumblers are used for illegal activities such as money laundering or tax evasion, Jeffrey Robinson has suggested that they should be criminalized; additionally their use makes it easier for criminals to remain anonymous which hinders law enforcement efforts.

2. Risk of being targeted by hackers

There is a risk of being targeted by hackers when using a Crypto Tumbler due to the potential of the network being shut down by an outage or attack, or having funds stolen. Additionally, since Mixers can save input and output addresses, there is also the risk of anonymity being compromised.

3. Risk of illicit activities

The use of Crypto Tumblers by criminals poses a risk to national security since it allows for the anonymous movement of funds and bypassing of Anti-Money Laundering/Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) regulations and sanctions obligations. The anonymous nature of using Crypto Tumblers also makes them attractive to criminals looking to launder money. Therefore, while Crypto Tumblers can provide users with privacy and protection against attacks, they also increase the risk associated with criminal activity such as money laundering or terrorist financing.

4. Risk of government regulation

The risk of government regulation when using a Crypto Tumbler is worth consideration, as sanctions may be imposed against providers of crypto mixers and increased scrutiny from regulators may result. Furthermore, crypto tumblers can facilitate illegal payments, so users should exercise caution when using these services.

5. Risk of technical issues

Using a Crypto Tumbler carries several risks, such as the loss of anonymity if the centralized network shares user information; security risks due to a single point of failure; potential for money laundering; and decreased security when compared to regular wallets. Additionally, peer-to-peer tumblers may come with additional privacy and security risks. Therefore, before using a Crypto Tumbler it is important to consider all of these possible risks.

6. Risk of market volatility

Market volatility is a term used to describe how the price of an asset, such as Bitcoin, changes over time. Volatility can have a significant influence on users' ability to use a Crypto Tumbler safely and securely. With increased volatility in the market, there is more potential for activities like money laundering or funding terrorism using Crypto Tumblers. It also makes cryptocurrency arbitrage bots more attractive in 2023 as they can take advantage of these price fluctuations.

7. Risk of financial fraud

The risk of financial fraud associated with using a Crypto Tumbler is high, as evidenced by the sanctions issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury on Aug 8, 2022, against Tornado Cash for laundering over $7 billion worth of virtual currency and other cases such as the collapse and fraud associated with FTX which are worse than Enron. Additionally, John Ray has been accused by The SBF (Securities Board of Florida) of financial fraud and misrepresenting his relationship with Bahamian regulators.

8. Risk of money laundering

Money laundering is a process of concealing or disguising the source of illegally obtained funds. Criminals use money laundering to hide their illicit activities and make their proceeds appear legitimate. Crypto Tumblers, or mixers, are commonly used by cybercriminals for money laundering because they help to anonymize transactions, making them much harder to trace and track back to the sender. This can be a significant risk for virtual currency firms as it allows criminals to bypass anti-money laundering (AML) alerts and sanctions obligations with relative ease. Cryptocurrencies are also being increasingly used for money laundering purposes which makes using a Crypto Tumbler even more attractive as it helps users avoid detection from law enforcement agencies.

9. Risk of being exposed to malware

The risk of being exposed to malware when using a Crypto Tumbler is real and should not be ignored. As such, it is important for users to take the necessary precautions to avoid becoming a victim of malware. The Chainalysis team is working on developing ways to combat malware and protect users from it.

10. Risk of security breaches

When using a Crypto Tumbler, there is a risk of security breaches due to the lack of protection offered. This is because state actors may be more willing to spend resources on tracing down addresses and uncovering vulnerabilities. Additionally, security vulnerabilities in privacy coins such as Z-cash or Monero could allow for tracing of funds. Furthermore, the Monero protocol was upgraded in 2018 which raised privacy concerns, and OFAC may take similar actions against Monero if they find any potential back doors that are left open with the upgrade. As such, it is important to use secure passwords and encrypt data when using a Crypto Tumbler in order to mitigate these risks.

Are there any alternatives to mixing coins anonymously?

1. Coinomize

Coinomize is a platform that provides users with an anonymous alternative to mixing coins. Through Coinomize, users are able to keep their cryptocurrency transactions and funds anonymous, thereby protecting themselves from potential tracking or surveillance by the state or other entities. Additionally, Coinomize offers features such as low fees and an attractive referral program. With the latest updates to CipherTracer and other protocols, Coinomize has become a great tool for people who want their financial transactions remain completely private.

2. UniJoin

UniJoin is a Bitcoin mixer that uses CoinJoin technology to mix transactions with others, allowing for anonymous transactions. The service is easy to use and integrates with Tor for additional privacy protection, as well as offering transfer delays and low transaction fees. UniJoin offers users a Yes/No Logs Policy so that no registration is necessary before using the service. Furthermore, payouts are completed after only three network confirmations and there is no minimum deposit required. UniJoin has earned positive reviews in the Bitcoin community due to its user-controlled time delays and excellent customer support.

3. Sinbad

Sinbad is a cryptocurrency mixing service that provides users with the ability to anonymize their transactions. It is simple to use, and does not store logs or IP addresses. Sinbad also supports TOR for further anonymity, as well as offering customization options such as being able to mix coins in various denominations and pre-selected amounts of time. Compared to other coin mixing services, Sinbad offers greater levels of anonymity and privacy while also providing great customer service.

4. Mixer.money

Mixer.money is a bitcoin mixer that works with TOR and makes it easy for people to mix coins anonymously. It works by splitting the funds received into smaller parts and mixing them with other clients' funds. This helps make the transactions more anonymous, since each part of the transaction will be sent from different wallets associated with different users. Mixer.money has a service fee of 4-5% per transaction and an additional 0.0007 BTC for each output address, helping to ensure that all users remain anonymous during their transactions on MixerMoney's network.

5. MixBTC

MixBTC is a bitcoin mixer that allows users to send and receive bitcoins anonymously. This service does not require any user registration, and the process of mixing coins takes approximately six hours. The low fee imposed by MixBTC is 3%, and the minimum amount required for a transaction is 0.005 BTC, with an additional 0.0007 BTC for each output address. Additionally, the platform has a no-log policy and supports SegWit addresses, making it both TOR-friendly and offering efficient turnaround times for transactions.

6. Blindmixer

Blindmixer is a Bitcoin mixer and wallet that allows users to transfer funds anonymously and quickly, supporting SegWit natively. It provides a standalone wallet application for Windows and Linux platforms, with low transaction fees for internal transfers. Through the TOR-friendly mixing process users can mix up to 50 BTC, with a service fee of 4-5%. The process typically takes up to six hours. Benefits of using Blindmixer include quick service and the ability to mix funds up to 50 BTC.

7. BitCloak

BitCloak is a cryptocurrency mixing service that helps users to break the connection between their Bitcoin address and the address that they are sending coins to. It offers fast transactions and supports both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, with multiple randomized payout addresses for increased anonymity. The platform also has user-controlled time delays, PGP-signed proof of address, and requires no registration or ID verification. BitCloak charges a small fee for its services which include 3 confirmations using blockchain technology to ensure user privacy.

8. CryptoMixer

CryptoMixer is a Bitcoin mixing service which allows users to mix funds anonymously and securely. It offers features such as the ability to set fees, delay outputs, and have no logs or registration requirements. CryptoMixer helps with anonymous coin mixing by removing any identifying information about transactions once they are complete. Additionally, it has a low service fee, provides a Letter of Guarantee for each transaction, and can be used without waiting for others to send transactions in first.

9. Bitcoin Mixer (Tumbler)

A Bitcoin Mixer (Tumbler) is a TOR-friendly platform that encrypts all transactions and locations and helps to improve the anonymity of transactions by mixing different streams of coins. It does this by transferring coins between many users, although it charges a fee for its services. By leveraging the Bitcoin Mixer's services, users can mix their coins anonymously and protect their financial data from being traced.

10. Mixer.money

Mixer.money is a crypto mixer (tumbler) that helps people mix their coins anonymously. The service fees are low and the blending process is quick, making it an attractive option for those looking to remain anonymous when transacting in cryptocurrency. Mixer.money is also TOR-friendly and easy to use, providing users with a secure way of concealing their identity when sending or receiving digital assets.

11. UltraMixer

UltraMixer is a cryptocurrency mixing service that allows users to securely and anonymously send and receive Bitcoin. It utilizes a mix of addresses to conceal the identities of its users, making transactions fast and confidential. The system was developed with input from the BitcoinTalk community and offers a flat rate for each Bitcoin address, as well as 0.5% of the overall transaction amount. UltraMixer also has an extensive reserve of over 2000 BTC, ensuring that customers don't have to wait for others to send in coins before they can use their service. In addition, it charges low service fees starting at 0.5% + 0.0005 BTC per transaction with a zero-log policy which means it does not keep any records or personal information about its customers' activity.

12. Anonymix

Anonymix is a bitcoin mixer service designed to help users mix coins anonymously. It offers users the ability to delay payments, deposit funds from multiple wallets, and send coins to up to five receiving addresses. Anonymix also provides a certificate of origin, has low minimum deposits and flexible deposit limits, and allows for immediate data log deletion. These features allow users to keep their identity private while being able to mix coins with an additional layer of anonymity provided by the website's onion address.

Copy Trading: A Definitive Guide for Beginners (2023)

Copy trading is a strategy that allows traders to exchange content anonymously in order to improve their SEO. This anonymous exchange of financial information can be used to mix coins anonymously, providing a level of privacy for investors who want to stay anonymous while investing. Copy trading involves exchanging confidential information with other parties and can be used to improve marketing strategies. By mixing up the coin supply, copy trading provides increased security and privacy for users looking to invest without leaving a traceable trail of transactions.


What is a crypto mixer?

A crypto mixer, also known as a tumbler or blender, is a tool used by criminals to obscure their connection between cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges. This helps them avoid triggering anti-money laundering alerts. Recent reports reveal that 10% of all cryptocurrencies held by illicit entities are laundered through mixers. It is important to note that these tools are only used by criminals and have little impact on the general market. To use mixers anonymously, users must send their coins to an intermediary address owned by the mixer service before having it transferred back out in small pieces from multiple new addresses controlled by the service. This ensures that transactions remain untraceable and anonymous.

What are the main features of a crypto mixer?

CoinMixer offers users a Letter of Guarantee to keep their user information private and secure from third parties. It achieves this by using advanced encryption methods and regularly deleting all transaction details. CoinMixer also has low service fees starting at 0.5% + 0.0005BTC, allowing for customization to make it impossible for third party tracking of transactions. Furthermore, CoinMixer is equipped with a cryptocurrency reserve of over 2000BTC, making it capable of handling large volumes of bitcoin transactions securely and anonymously.

  • This platform offers a Letter of Guarantee for every transaction, ensuring that your user information remains hidden from third parties.
  • Because Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most other public blockchains are transparent, this level of privacy is otherwise difficult to achieve.
  • The mixer ensures a high degree of data protection by using advanced encryption methods and regularly all translation details.
  • CoinMixer has low service fees starting at 0.5% + 0.0005 BTC . You can also customize it such that it is impossible for third parties to spot the connections between the addresses.
  • Benefits include being able to handle high volumes of bitcoin transactions and having a cryptocurrency reserve of over 2000 BTC .

How do crypto mixers work?

A crypto mixer, also known as a tumbler, is a service that helps to keep transactions private by randomly shuffling deposited funds. Crypto mixers vary in how they obfuscate the fact that a mixer is being used, but this serves to sever the on-chain link between deposits and withdrawals. These types of services are even used by criminals to help clean dirty or stolen money. Mixing services like Tornado Cash can also be used by legitimate users if they want to prove they are the original depositor of their coins without exposing themselves and their activities on the blockchain.

What are the benefits of using a crypto mixer?

The use of a crypto mixer provides users with many benefits. These include untraceable and safe transactions, a zero-log policy, guaranteed safety of funds, anonymity of bitcoin transactions, and the ability to handle high volumes of bitcoin. Crypto mixers also offer low service fees which make them affordable for users. With their zero-log policy, crypto mixers protect users' identities and locations while providing them with a secure way to make anonymous cryptocurrency transactions.

What are the risks of using a crypto mixer?

The use of crypto mixers carries a high degree of risk due to the potential for money laundering, criminal activities, and malicious actors. Crypto mixers are becoming increasingly prominent with regulators paying close attention to their operations. Furthermore, crypto mixers can be used to obscure the connection between the user's crypto wallets and exchanges where they would typically convert coins into fiat currency. The use of a mixer increases the chances that anti-money laundering alerts will not be triggered. In July 2020, a mixer was used to launder cryptocurrencies which further highlights the risk associated with using these services. Additionally, 3% of cryptocurrencies are exposed to gray-area entities such as gambling sites and high-risk exchanges that further increase users' chances of being hacked or having their coins stolen by malicious actors. For these reasons, people should exercise caution when considering using a crypto mixer service before understanding all relevant risks involved in doing so.

How anonymous are crypto mixer transactions?

Crypto mixer transactions are generally considered to be anonymous, as they involve sending coins through a third-party service that combines the coins with others before they reach their destination. This means that the source of the coins is difficult to trace and makes it more difficult for users to associate particular wallet addresses with identities. CryptoMixer also offers a Letter of Guarantee which ensures user privacy and enhances anonymity. Furthermore, depending on the service utilized, users may also benefit from high transaction volumes and low fees when using crypto mixers for additional anonymity.

What is the average fee charged by crypto mixers?

The average fee charged by crypto mixers is typically low, starting at 0.5% plus 0.0005 BTC. However, some mixers may offer a zero-log policy and charge a slightly higher fee.

What is the average delay for crypto mixer transactions?

The average delay for crypto mixer transactions varies depending on the specific service being used. However, CryptoMixer has been designed to offer fast and secure transactions with a high degree of data protection through the use of advanced encryption methods. In addition, CryptoMixer is able to handle high volumes of bitcoin transactions and has a crypto reserve in excess of 2000 BTC.

What is the average transaction limit for crypto mixers?

The average transaction limit for crypto mixers is typically between 0.5-3 BTC, however some services offer higher limits. CryptoMixer offers a Letter of Guarantee and strives to offer untraceable and safe transactions with a low service fee starting at 0.5% + 0.0005 BTC and customizable settings that makes it impossible for third parties to detect connections between wallets. Many users also choose crypto mixers because they are being used to obscure the connection between wallets used to collect illicit profits and exchanges that convert these profits into fiat currency while avoiding triggering anti-money laundering alerts by mixing coins from regulated and unregulated entities, resulting in far lower risk of detection by authorities.

Are crypto mixers legal?

Crypto mixers are not explicitly illegal, but authorities have shut down some operations in the past. FinCEN requires individuals and businesses offering custodial mixing services to register with them and follow a range of anti-money laundering and know-your-customer requirements. It is reported that there are currently no known custodial mixers following these rules. Furthermore, it is important to note that while non-custodial smart contract-based mixers may still be subject to sanctions, using such services for the purpose of preserving user privacy would not be legal under any circumstances.

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